Secret Techniques

We all search for that little something that will give us an edge. The best and fastest way to lose weight. The secret to business that will make us millionaires. But here’s the truth: every secret we seek is already within us.

That isn’t to say that we won’t need instruction, but the road forward is clear if you’re willing to look at it. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Every month, there are 88 billion Google searches related

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DUDE! You Gotta See This!

Remember when the internet was cool? When you showed off your favorite stuff like a child in a video game store? Let’s go back to that.

Let’s drown out the monotonous tone of sadistic trolling and hate speech with positive posts full of things that we think are awesome.

Pretend It’s The 1990’s

I remember when I got my first copy of Street Fighter 2 on PlayStation. I ran so hard to my friend’s house to show it off. We

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My Favorite Plot

10,000 words. That’s how much I’ve written in the last week. That’s more than I’ve written in three years, especially for fiction. 5k of those words were in a previous project that I abandoned on Friday. The other 5k is my work on a new project. Why the shift? Because the first had no plot, and on Friday, after some study, I found a plot I can write to.

I’ve written before about how I suffer when trying to

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Cultivating Readership

I’m a people pleaser, through and through. In fact, I’ve not done things that I really wanted to do because I thought some people might not be fans of it. How crazy, right?! To not care if I enjoyed something I was going to do because someone else might not like it. Naturally, if I lost a follow on Twitter or a friend on Facebook I would get super annoyed.

“What did I do wrong?”

“Do they hate me now?”

“What if they

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Writing Into the Dark

Over the last few years, I’ve struggled to complete stories I start writing. I’ll outline, plan, world-build, and it all seems interesting, but nothing gets produced. Then, a few months ago, I started co-writing a screenplay with a friend who has more of a ‘pantsing’ style of writing –– writing a bunch of drafts, with each one better than the last.

I’ve always had a problem pantsing it. Not because I can’t do it (it’s the only writing I’ve ever

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Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

The “transcendentals” have been explored for centuries, but I only just came upon the concept of how they are studied while listening to the MFCEO Project this morning. Immediately, I could see how they applied to my successes and failures in the past –– that’s not a suggestion that they are indicative of such, but could see where I worked within them and found good fortune, and where I violated them, to my detriment.

Jadepunk Had All

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Intrepid Stories: Annabel Ashwick

The following piece of short fiction is about a character in something I’m working on right now. Benjamin Feehan has recommended that I do little character pieces like this to get warmed up for the new project, and the idea intrigued me enough to get after it.

All of my flash fiction work is an exercise in exploring some meaningful character trait, emotion, or situation. As such, these are examples of first drafts of my work. I read through these

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Improving Your Physical Attributes

It’s time to geek out a bit and blend Dungeons and Dragons with physical fitness. These things typically don’t go together, in fact, they’re sort of antithetical to one another, but, if you’re an analytical nerd like me, I think D&D can help you set fitness goals and structure workouts.

DISCLAIMER: This is intended for (nerds) people who struggle to get their fitness game going. If you’re already a regular in your (dungeon) gym, then this is purely for (being

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Show and Tell

After watching an episode of Ask Gary Vee, I got to thinking about why I do the things I do. Rabbit holes like this are not always good things to follow.

Show and Tell Fucked Me Up

Stand a kid up in front of the class, ask them to share their interests, then criticize their choice of presentation. No wonder they don’t have this shit in school anymore.

When I was five, my grandfather was my big

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Intuitive Game Mechanics

Learning a new game is much easier when the mechanics are intuitive. Running the game as a GM, and creating characters and making decisions during play, is equally easier, and often a lot more fun, when the mechanics are intuitive.

Intuitive Does Not Mean Simple

The trend for newer games is for simplicity. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, especially for pickup games, but a lack of complexity also means a lack of long-term viability for most groups.

Intuitive means

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